To play Marathon:

Download the Aleph One engine:

Mac OS X (Universal Binary)
(Source Code)

Then download the data files

Marathon (M1A1)
Marathon 2
Marathon Infinity

These scenarios are not open source, read more here

Unzip both, then copy or AlephOne.exe into each scenario folder

If you have questions, check out the external links section on the Aleph One engine home page, or email us at

Scenario MML

If you already have these games installed (or install from the CD), please put the appropriate scenario MML in your Scripts folder so that only people using the correct scenario can join your games online.

Marathon 2.mml
Marathon Infinity.mml

Third Party Scenarios

Just unzip and copy or AlephOne.exe into each folder

Marathon: EVIL
Marathon RED
Tempus Irae

If you already have these scenarios, here's some scenario MML for them:

Marathon Evil MML
Marathon RED MML

Replacement Textures

These are Tim Vogel's and Jay Faircloth's Total Texture Enhancement Package, converted to the new Aleph One texture formats. These textures are 1024x1024, which may be too big for video card. You can use lower resolution versions by going into the graphics preferences and reducing the wall texture quality.

Download Textures (223 MB)


We hope to make this page look better soon. If you'd like to help, sign up for the marathon-devel mailing list!